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The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is open to the public. The reception afterwards is a private VIP event and you must have an invitation to be admitted. We will be open for normal business at 5PM.

Guy will be at the event from 11AM until 2PM, as long as his shooting schedule allows.

No backpacks or large bags will be allowed. Absolutely no weapons of any kind will be allowed. No outside audio / visual recording equipment will be permitted unless authorized. No service animals will be permitted unless certified and wearing a vest. No outside food or drink will be allowed. 

For the VIP party, you may bring in an item for an autograph. The item must be tagged and left in the Red Room for Autograph. Guy will do autographs only if time allows. Guy will not be signing merchandise that isn’t tagged by a staff member in the Red Room.

Register your passport by providing your name and email, and then complete each area of Flavortown (Duckpin, Arcade, Tiki, Restaurant) – Once complete, get Guy’s stamp to become an official Flavortown local! 

Great! Just click the buttons on the bottom of this page. We appreciate you sharing your experience! If you had an issue while here, please text 423-483-8553 for assistance. 

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No worries, text 423-483-8553 for anything else.