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What is Downtown Flavortown?

Come explore Downtown Flavortown and let Guy Fieri take you on a wild ride of flavor! With 43,000 square feet of arcade fun, 14 duckpin bowling lanes, plus a freaky tiki lounge – this party will be one for the ages! Hungry? Take a bite outta some of Guy’s epic dishes such as the world-famous Trashcan Nachos, The Motley Que Pulled Pork, and the OG Ringer Burger!

What are our Operating Hours?

11 AM – 11 PM

- Arcade Info -

What is the pricing for the play cards?

$25 = 200 G-Bucks
$50 = 450 G-Bucks
$100 = 1000 G-Bucks

What are G-Bucks?

We are a green facility and use Play Cards. Guests buy G-Bucks which can be used to play games. Many games allow guests to win points which can be redeemed for prizes! All G-Bucks and point balances are recorded on the playcard.

- Restaurant Info -

Do you offer Reservations?

We do not accept reservations at Downtown Flavortown.

Do you have Gluten Free options?
What about other dietary restrictions?

We take allergies and sensitivities very seriously, so when you come to dine, you can ask for a Chef and they will personally discuss your concerns and walk you through the available options.
For gluten free options, we can provide items such as: Chicken Caesar Salad, gluten free buns, and a gluten free version of the Cajun Alfredo.

- Bowling Info -

What is Duckpin bowling?

Duckpin bowling is a family friendly variation of bowling. The balls are smaller than the traditional ten-pin bowling. There are no dirty, uncomfortable holes in the balls due to the size, and no shoe rentals are required to bowl! Who doesn't love that!

I reserved a lane but now am not able to bowl.
How can I cancel?

Please email us at info@downtownflavortown.com with your order number, name, and phone number.

- Group Sales Info -

What are your offerings for large groups?

We have 3 private party rooms with catering menus and exclusive arcade/bowling offerings. Additionally, larger parties can reserve sections of the restaurant. Groups large and small will find accommodations that meet their food and fun needs. Contact us at sales@downtownflavortown.com for more information.